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Forensic Files



The story begins in 1995, a meeting with Medstar Television, a strong producer in the medical field. A famous trial was happening, and a source of theirs was central…OJ Simpson and Dr.Henry Lee, a forensic scientist. The word “Forensics” kept popping up…we grabbed it and ran. Premiering as MEDICAL DETECTIVES on TLC, it ran for 5 seasons before moving to CourtTV as FORENSIC FILES for another 9 years. It amassed 400 episodes and remained their most popular program until the channel pivoted to TruTV.

Sister network HLN picked it up and after several years as their highest rated program, commissioned production of new episodes. FORENSIC FILES II (as they call it) immediately became their highest rated program ever.

FORENSIC FILES was the first and remains the longest-running and best C/I series ever. If’s available, take this ol’ programmer’s advice: grab it!

Paul Dowling
Executive Producer: Paul Dowling, Medstar Television

Forensic Files


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--- A rape, a murder and a suspicious neighbor...but the obvious is not necessarily what happened.

--- Missing wife turns up in a floating toolbox. How can sand lead to a conviction?

--- Genetic genealogy is was a new technique, first used in this case of a murdered teenager.

--- Could six eyewitnesses be wrong? Flawed testimony leads to an exoneration.

--- From Massachusetts to Russia, a search is on for the motive and killer.

--- A damaged gun could lead to the capture of an ex-con, wanted for a different murder.

--- A young man is tortured and killed and recorded on his own cell phone. A love triangle begins the hunt for a killer, with a thousand-mile-away alibi.

--- A small town doctor is burned to death in his home. Arson is the cause, and a long-time associate of the doctor is convicted. But a re-examination frees an innocent man and change how fires are investigated.

--- An execution of a librarian in a small town. Is it the philandering husband and his mistress? Are their alibis airtight?

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