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The return of the shamelessly self-promoting newsletter from the middle of nowhere to the ends of the earth

We’re going old school!

In an age of chats, emails, social networking, ZOOM, Tik-Tok and whatever I’m missing, why not take a trip back in time with me?… when notes, newsletters and a little swag carried the day. This newsletter is my contribution to the memories of calmer times. (Then again…remember the parties?)

wise words

Need a Lift?

Feeling a little blue these days? A lot of us are. As a guy who has gone through a few valleys in his life, I’ve assembled a couple collections of motivational writings, pep talks and spiritual passages. They’re yours for free…head to the website...http:// They’re downloadable and on ebooks, too. Namaste.

Forensic Files


When you acquire a program, what do you look for? A proven success, of course. But howsabout ?exibility in scheduling, originality, credibility, a strong internet presence, lots of episodes, built for bingeing , original production going forward…what else? (Once a programmer, always a programmer) 


Look no further than FORENSIC FILES. It ticks all the boxes. With 395 evergreen episodes, 16 new ones and 32 more on the way, what are you waiting for? Not in the true crime or investigation business? It’s also science. Run two half-hours backto-back and you’ll see immediate results. FORENSIC FILES is your safe programming bet, especially during unsafe times.

Santa Claus

Santa Claus is comin’ to town

For the third year, the Inner Banks Santa Claus (aka Gary) is making plans for the Holliday season.

Santa Claus mascot

Christmas in July at the ballpark with the Edenton Steamers’ mascot, Pam the Clam!

Starting in November, the jolly ol’ guy will be making personal video calls to kids all over the world…a $50 value, but complimentary to any client or FOG (Friend of Gary) .

Santa is already scheduling virtual visits, and there is preplanning involved (to better connect with the kids). With modern technology, we can have the entire extended family on the screen to enjoy the magic moment together. If you have kids, grandkids, nieces or nephews who’d enjoy something special for the holidays, drop an email to Gary’s alias,


It begins in 1995, a meeting with Medstar Television, a strong producer in the medical ?eld. A famous trial was happening, and a source of their’s was central…OJ Simpson was the case and Dr.Henry Lee, a forensic expert. The word “Forensics” kept popping up…we grabbed it and ran. Premiering as MEDICAL DETECTIVES on TLC, it ran for 5 seasons before moving to CourtTV as FORENSIC FILES for another 9 years. It amassed 400 episodes and remained their most popular program until the channel pivoted to TruTV. 

Sister network HLN picked it up and after several years as their highest rated program, commissioned new episodes beginning earlier this year. FORENSIC FILES II (as they call it) immediately became their highest rated program ever.

Other channels enjoying success over our 25 years on the air together are: RTL, Germany, Netherlands and Croatia; CBS Reality, UK; Antenna 3, Spain; 5, UK; Foxtel, Australia; UKTV; NBC, USA; Discovery; AETN; NBCU; eTV, South Africa; FilmRise and CuriosityStream. All leaders in their territories.

FORENSIC FILES was the ?rst and remains the longestrunning and best C/I series ever. If it’s available, take this ol’ programmer’s advice: grab it!


Thanks for reading. Stay safe and be sane.

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